The School of Ancient Wisdom is a centre for the development of the human potential in the tradition of mystery schools. It teaches the esoteric principles of ageless, ancient wisdom. The School allows aspirants to progress at their own pace, with the freedom to interpret the truth in the teachings, as they see it.



The school of ancient wisdom was founded by the late
Ms. Manize Sait Born in a Parsi family and an industrial designer by profession Manize lived in Singapore and was active in the Theosophical Society there.


Our Symbol

The torch is the symbol of transformation. A transformed human being is the torchbearer of change in humanity. He or she is the guiding light for the others seeking knowledge and transformation.


Vision – Mission – Transformation

The School of Ancient Wisdom is dedicated to realizing and preserving the ageless wisdom of the country, which provides a holistic view of the world and a vision for individuals to move towards a self-transformation process. The school aims to be a guiding force for dynamic living, where wisdom is above all and commercial motives don’t exist. We hope to steer mankind on the path towards right action, knowledge and illumination.


Ancient Wisdom

The wisdom of ancient India is timeless, eternal and relevant even in the modern world. New developments in science have corroborated many of the ideas of ancient philosophy. Though there are no shortcuts to solving complex problems, the teachings of the past provide a firm foundation over which we can build our lives. The concepts of ancient wisdom reaffirm the purpose and meaning of life and propel us to recognize our potential and progress. A true understanding of ancient wisdom helps us comprehend the essential truths of life better and live better.

More About The Founder

Late Mrs Manize Sait believed in the "Religion of Love" & the most powerful energy in the Cosmos. Everything in creation is the product of this "Cosmic Love Energy".

She wanted to start a spirutual center for human transformation, preserving & Realizing the ageless wisdom. She wanted to Enlighten the divine power within through various methods.


The School is devoted to the spread of occult truth and the development of the higher virtues of life.

  • The Constitution of the Cosmos

    The knowledge of the constitution of the cosmos and of the manner in which the cosmos originates and dissolves is pertinent to one's spiritual maturation.
  • The Universe and the Human Kingdom

    Man is not the mere material physical being of which the outer senses inform us, and which the scientific intellect describes and explains but he is a complicated being made up of physical body, etheric body, astral body, and ego. The universe is a cosmic brain or the human brain is a miniature universe.
  • Purification

    This is the process of awakening the purest qualities within us. Everyone possesses the ability to envisage a transcendent future. It is not the preserve of a chosen few. One just needs to put aside all preconceived notions and seek true learning. When we awaken the unblemished qualities within us, we participate in the creation of a noble civilization.
  • Involution and Evolution and the Divine Plan

    The cosmic cycle of the Universe is involution and evolution. The original consciousness individuates and diversifies. Then in the other phase, these various individuated and diverse consciousness’ start to return back to their original unity, and in this evolutionary process individuated minds become unified with others, as everyone gradually approaches Unity once again.
  • Occult Hierarchy

    The manifested universe is rooted in and eternal, boundless, immutable principle called the 'Absolute'. Consciousness and Power or Spirit and Matter are not two independent realities but two polar aspects of the absolute.
  • Illumination

    When the inner transformation takes over our lives, we start to seek fulfillment through the development of our spiritual self. This is possible through meditation, contemplation and the leading of a spiritual life. Our continued exploration of the invisible world and the non-physical aspects of our being leads us to consciously progress to higher states of Illumination and to experience higher and higher illumination. Our first illumination will have the greatest overall effect on our lives as it will give us a very brief but glorious experience of our soul when we are able to transcend the limitation of our mind. It gives us bliss beyond expression and in a 'flash' we perceive the true nature of higher reality. This experience of illumination can last for a few minutes. At the end of the experience we return to a normal mundane level of awareness but we return having a new understanding of ourselves and the world.
  • The Mysteries of Life and Death

    What happens to us after we die? Human beings have been asking that great, big existential question ever since we stood upright. Do we fade into the nothingness of nonexistence? Do we re-awaken as crying, newly born infants (or animals) in a karmic cycle of reincarnation?
  • Thought Power its Action and Use

    Thought is a change in consciousness of a man corresponding to a change or mode of motion in the matter of the mental plane. The astral body is the vehicle of our desires, passions and emotions, and similarly the mental body is the vehicle for the expression of our thoughts.
  • The Universal Laws of Rebirth: Causes and Effects

    Each individual creates their own physical manifestation of the law of balance and harmony by experiencing results, honing their ability to learn or their disregard for experiencing. We create our own capacities and limitations.
  • On the Path to Perfection

    The process of inner transformation will create an inward longing for a higher level of more spiritual light and truth, so much so, that it will influence even the way we lead our external lives. Wisdom, once gained (often called Brahmavidya and Guptavidya or the Secret Science) is fortunately, always available to us as is the deeper wisdom that brings us to the gateway of self-illumination. This is when we are ready to receive a true Master into our lives."When the pupil is ready the Master knocks on his door".
  • Inner Transformation

    Inner transformation happens only when we imbibe noble and pure qualities. Transformation reflects the power of love and energy. It happens in people who are inspired to help humanity achieve a high degree of consciousness, transcending the influence of the egoistic mind. Inner transformation is superhuman evolution. Evolution is an inevitable, universal phenomenon. It is a law that governs all life. The purpose of evolution is to keep moving forward towards awakened consciousness and awareness, realizing the true potential of the form at every stage. This awakened consciousness is beyond the instrumentation of the brain and one's intellect. Transformation is the radical inner change wherein one experiences a sublime state of wisdom. A transformed individual helps expedite the process of evolution at the lower levels of humanity. He or she influences the spiritual, political, economic, religious, social and scientific thinking of people around. We must not strive to control the forces of nature, but rather aim to control our baser human instincts. When this is achieved, we feel oneness with all forms of life and understand the inner being (the higher self).


The campus itself has ample place for group meditation and yoga besides providing an idyllic space for long walks. The school has a well-equipped library, reading room, a bookshop and a well-equipped research centre for integrated and holistic therapy and an in-house ayurvedic doctor.

About Us


The library has a reading room to facilitate advanced research and reference and deep self-study. The school also has a bookshop with an eclectic collection of books on various spiritual subjects.


Research Centre

The Research Centre for Integrated Therapies conducts workshops and research on various fields of holistic medicine and alternative therapies. The workshops deals with various treatment methods such as herbal medicine, naturopathy, Ayurveda, vibration therapy, massage, reflexology, aroma therapy and panic healing.



Accommodation is available on a twin-sharing basis. Resident students are provided food (morning tea / coffee, breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner) Non-resident students are provided breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea / coffee. All meals are strictly vegetarian.


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“Consumption of non-vegetarian food, alcohol, drugs and smoking are not permitted on campus.”


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